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Bob Weidinger is a professional and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in his chosen industry. He is currently based in Mooresville, North Carolina. Over the years, Bob has established several successful businesses, including Spinnaker Visual Marketing, Productive Displays, Inc., and Weidinger Water Works.

As a professional, Bob Weidinger has demonstrated a results-oriented approach to business and is always looking for new challenges. Bob pursued an Associate’s Degree in Communication from the University of Phoenix to prepare himself for his successful career before returning to the same institution for his Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Over his career, Bob Weidinger has acquired a wide range of skills, specializing in progressive sales, marketing, and event planning, with additional experience in manufacturing and distribution. He has also mastered various skills such as contract negotiations, business development, business planning, branding strategies, solution selling, and B2B sales, with plans to continue developing his skill set.

In 2014, Bob Weidinger founded Spinnaker Visual Marketing, LLC, a graphic arts, production, and event planning company, where he serves as Founder and CEO. Under Bob’s leadership, the company has grown significantly, generating an annual revenue of three hundred thousand dollars. As CEO, Bob is responsible for developing and implementing event management strategies and handling budget development and coordination. Other responsibilities include budgeting, coordination, and business management. In other words, Bob is responsible for many critical roles within the company.

Since founding Spinnaker Visual Marketing, Bob Weidinger has personally sold and closed dozens of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 accounts the company has served. These contracts put Bob in the same room as many well-known companies, such as Mercer Human Resources, Bosch, and Walgreens. Furthermore, Bob’s current role at Spinnaker Visual Marketing requires him to stay updated on current market trends to determine optimal pricing for goods and services.

Long before Spinnaker Visual Marketing, Bob Weidinger founded his first business, Productive Displays, Inc., in 1996. He led the company for over a decade, providing exhibits and displays and graphic arts, production, and manufacturing services. Overall, Productive Displays earned two and a half million dollars in annual revenue and had around twenty staff members at any given time. The business became so successful that Bob was able to sell the company for a significant price in 2009.

His success with Productive Displays led to Bob Weidinger founding his second company – Weidinger Water Works. Weidinger Water Works is an automated and manual car wash company. He ran the company from 2009 to 2017. At Weidinger Water Works, he built the company from the ground up, guiding its growth, managing key accounts, and developing sales presentations and promotion initiatives to drive product sales and increase brand awareness.

Bob Weidinger enjoys various hobbies and interests in his spare time, including boating, lighthouse exploration, scuba diving, mountain biking, road trips, saltwater fishing, and relaxing at the beach. He also has a passion for trying new wines and sailing, always seeking new experiences and ways to unwind.

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